Large Floor Vases

large floor vase

22" Chinese Floor Vase

Large Floor Vases

Large floor vases can provide outstanding and beautiful decoration for homes and offices. They can accommodate extra large plants that bring a touch of green and positivity into every day living. One of the amazing things about large floor vases is that because of their size they can add an astonishing amount of detail to a room. They are also versatile in where they can be placed, so any corner or area that might be lacking can be home to an alluring and eye catching vase.Shapes, colors, designs, and materials contribute to such an amazingly diverse number of ways a vase can impact a room. When it comes to most of these things, imagination is the only limit.There is a huge variety of floor vases to choose from whether you prefer contemporary pieces or an old antique floor vase.

These vases can come in any shape desired. There are floor vases with enormous bottoms and tiny tops, vases with small bottoms that branch out and bloom toward the top like a flower, and there are even some that zigzag in and out multiple times. There are thick floor vases, and thin ones. There are tall floor vases and short floor vases. Some of them have handles, and some do not. The extra large floor vases tend to have some kind of handle. If they don't have a handle they can be hard to carry, especially if the floor vase is home to a large plant.

Floor Vase

Tall Art Deco Floor Vase

There are many rich and vibrant colors that paint the personality of floor vases. In addition to the myriad of solid colors available, there are vases that sport an amazing crackle like glaze. Floor vases not only come in many colors and different glazes, but a lot of them also come with beautiful and elegant stencil work. Some floor vases are painted with designs like stripes or polka dots, and some have outlines in colors like gold and silver. Many floor vases are created with themes in mind. Themes such as African, tribal, floral, tropical, Asian, and old world are very prevalent in pottery.Many Chinese and Japanese vases are highly sought after. Some porcelain floor vases are hand painted with astonishingly magnificent detail. Because of the diversity of colors, designs, and themes available, it's almost hard not to find one to fit surrounding decor perfectly.

Large floor vases can come in a couple of different materials. Ceramic floor vases are the most common material. Others include certain metals or plastics.

Hand made vases are almost always made from ceramics, and can be created in a few different ways. Perhaps the easiest method of creating floor vases by hand is by using a pottery wheel. The wet clay is placed on a turning table and the clay is molded by hand. Another method of creating floor vases is a coil method. The wet clay is rolled into coils and placed on top of each other. These layers are then smoothed out using pottery tools. Both of these methods can create magnificent vases.

Tall  vase

Monmouth 18" Floor Vase

Floor vases are very versatile in that they are often able to stand alone as a decoration, or they can be paired with another decoration aside from plants. Reeds are another commonly used decoration, as well as beads and rocks. Handmade paper flowers or plants are good creative ideas, too.

Large floor vases go a long way in contributing to beautiful, warm, and inviting rooms. They almost always act as a great eye-catching conversational piece. Housing large plants in floor vases and keeping them in multiple rooms of a home is proven to uplift moods and spirits, as well as combat depression. Combined with large plants, they are also amazing remedies for white walls. Floor vases are flexible and adaptable decorative objects, and can be placed just about anywhere.


Large Roseville Floor Vase

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